Show Overview

Exhibition NameHandarty Korea(previous name Handmade Korea)
Date30 July – 02 August, 2020 / (10:00 – 18:00)
VenueCOEX Halls C, D, Seoul, Korea
Scale800 Exhibitors 1,300 Booths / 100,000 Visitors
OrganizerMesse Esang
CertificationInternational Certified Exhibition
Signature EventFashion Show, Korea Craft Tour, Live Painting, Best Design Awards, Networking Party, Business Matching, Business Seminar

Main Value

Handarty Korea is not only an exhibition but also culture leader. We strive to build the foundation of the handcraft industry. With Handarty Korea, you can find the potential opportunity.
Business expansion opportunity
Business matching program and seminar give you the chance to meet optimal partner
International Certified Exhibition
Global platform to make a network
Trend Leader
Catch the trend via contest and awards

Global Handcraft International Exhibition

International Handmade /
Art Exhibition
– 26 Countries 810 Boothes 620 Companies (2019)
– MUST-ATTEND Exhibition
– Leading industry buyers from all around the world including Korea
Part of the buyer list in 2019

Exhbit Items


Handarty Korea (Handmade Korea) Secretariat
Jina Kim / Manager
+82-2-6121-6443 +82-10-5929-2579
Sally Wi / Manager
+82-2-6121-6446 +82-10-3773-3732