Show Overview

Exhibition NameHandarty Korea(previous name Handmade Korea)
Date30 July – 02 August, 2020 / (10:00 – 18:00)
VenueCOEX Halls C, D, Seoul, Korea
Scale800 Exhibitors 1,300 Booths / 100,000 Visitors
OrganizerMesse Esang
CertificationInternational Certified Exhibition
Signature EventFashion Show, Korea Craft Tour, Live Painting, Best Design Awards, Networking Party, Business Matching, Business Seminar

Exhbit Items

Improve your Lifestyle with Arts
– paintings, sculptures, photos, films, art products, performance art, illustration, calligraphy, ceramics, glass works, crafts, graphic design
Find the one and only Handmade Lifestyle Items
– fashion & beauty (clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, diffuser, candles, jewelry)
– living & furniture
Introduction of Handmade Items for Children and Pets
– living interior, clothes, toys, healthy food specialized for children and pets
All about Quilts and Sewing
– creative quilt arts, sewing products, textiles, felt, wool, leather
– materials for quilting and sewing
Try Hands-on Experience Sessions and find all you need for DIY projects
– Raw Materials for DIY projects(wood, paints and other materials)
– caricature, DIY hands-on experience sessions and classes DIY tools(DIY kit, customized products, book designs)
Be Healthy with Handmade Food
– desserts, baking, homemade food, fermented health food